MidSummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire

This weekend I was transported to the Midsummer Renaissance Festival. The festival has an abundance of live shows, shopping, and games for lords and ladies of all ages to enjoy.

The festival has an overarching storyline about a town called Miyrfall, in which the festival takes place in each year. The storyline is added onto each year, continuing from where the previous year’s faire left off. You don’t have to worry about being lost in the storyline because Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire recaps the events that unfolded up until that point. They recap the story in the beginning of the program booklet you receive at the entrance and on the official website for the faire.

My two favorite shows this year were Daniel GreenWolf and Christopher the WitchDoctor. Daniel’s show brings a comedic flair to magic that makes me laugh even if I have heard the jokes a thousand times. Each viewing of his show is funnier than the last and honestly who doesn’t enjoy a little fire-breathing now and then? Christopher’s show also included some funny moments and kept my interest. At one point my boyfriend and I volunteered to help with a part of his show and boy was I shocked at what happened. My favorite part was when he had each of us close our eyes and he would either tap the shoulder of or touch the nose of one of us and the other could feel it. I was very entertained and surprised at the power of it all.

My top two favorite food venders would have to be The Pickle Booth and Cucina Dolce. The pickles at the pickle booth are fresh, huge, and sometimes flavored. They are definitely a savory treat worthy of any lord or lady. If you have a sweet tooth Cucina Dolce is the vendor to go to. They provide a wide selection of brownies (including alcoholic ones for the 21 and over crowd) that can be eaten alone or with ice cream.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at the faire and intend on visiting again next year.



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