Practicing Outdoor & Nature Photography

     Over the past couple of days I’ve been practicing outdoor and nature photography with my Cannon Rebel T3 camera. I find that every time I go outside to take photographs, there are new challenges awaiting me. Those challenges can be anything from lighting to unexpected woodland creatures. Whatever the case may be, I always try to figure out the best solution to the challenge whether it is changing my camera settings or changing where I am standing based on where the subject is. For the first time taking nature photography I was able to take a picture of a squirrel. Usually if I see a squirrel, it runs away before I can capture it, but recently I was able to successfully take a picture before the squirrel scurried away. When I go outside I love to take pictures from different angles to get variety and bring out the beauty of the subject.

Nikki’s Tip of the Day: Go outside, take pictures,experiment, and have fun!

     There is nothing wrong with experimenting when taking photography. Sometimes the best photography is taken by accident. The most important thing is to have fun and show interest in what your subject is. If you lose interest during a shoot, stop and take a break. Let inspiration come to you.

♥ Nicole

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