Nicole Brown is a Graphic Designer and aspiring Photographer. She was born and raised in the small city of West Haven, Connecticut. Nicole’s focus is to bring an optimistic attitude along with visual harmony to produce the best product for her clients. This was particularly applied to her work at The Plastic Forming Company when making brochure templates and logo designs for their marketing department. Nicole is very passionate about drawing. She finds it to be relaxing and essential to her creative process. Nicole became interested in drawing when she saw a picture of a buffalo head that her grandmother drew. It was beautifully detailed from the flowing fur on the head to the piercing eyes. Because of that drawing, she started drawing everything from DragonBall Z and Rugrats characters to objects around her home to help improve her skills.

As she grew older, Nicole’s second passion became computers. She would play around with the programs on her computer for hours especially one that created brochures and special occasion cards. Nicole loved playing with the different borders, colors, and art you could use to make cards with. She enjoyed placing each shape on the blank canvas making fake birthday invitations and even little scripts for her own plays. However, it wasn’t until Nicole was a senior in high school that she learned that her passions could become a career. Her guidance counselor at the time gleefully told Nicole how she could use her skills to create art that could be place on everything from billboards to t-shirts.

More recently, Nicole’s latest passion has been Photography. Just like drawing she finds it to be relaxing and essential to her creative process. Nicole has utilized her Photography skills at events like Connecticon working for the gaming blog to show their audience the experiences to be had at Connecticon. Nicole’s goal is to create design work and photography that inspires others just like her.